Big Dog, Little Dog

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The Big Dog, Little Dog exercise is a larynx training exercise used in vocal feminization training.

This exercise is simple and very effective in helping one visualize the difference between their low and high resonance. The exercise goes as such:

  • Step 1: Pant like a very big dog. This is done by lowering the larynx and creating a wide, open space in the back of your throat. Make a "haw" noise as you exhale, much like a dog would. Try to avoid making a "heh" or "hih" sound.

  • Step 2: Pant like a very small dog by raising your larynx and closing the amount space in the back of your throat.

  • Step 3: While panting like a small dog, try transitioning from a panting "haw" noise to an "aah" noise, while simultaneously adding tone and pitch in to make it sound like you're singing or speaking.

  • Step 4: Go from the "aah" tone to speaking a phrase whilst maintaining the resonance and larynx position from the small dog exercise. You can read an excerpt from a book or webpage, find a random phrase generator online and speak them out loud, or use this video from TransVoiceLessons and her practice phrases.

  • Step 5: Try working your way from the big dog to the little dog by starting from the big dog pant and working your way upwards into a small dog pant. This will help you gain more control of your larynx and moving it on command whilst making sounds.

  • Step 6: Drink water! Staying hydrated is extremely important while vocal training.
  • Step 7: PRACTICE! Keep utilizing this exercise until you've memorized where your larynx should be and what it feels like to hold it there. If you ever need to do a voice reset, it can help to quietly pant like a small dog and hold your larynx in that position while you transition back to talking.