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This article details how to administer powdered bicalutamide acquired for the purpose of DIY HRT. See this article for information on where to acquire powdered bicalutamide.

DIY Administration Methods

Because powdered bicalutamide has very poor solubility, this leaves us with few options in the way of quick and easy administration. It may require you to use a scale often, as volumetric dosing can be extremely difficult.

One option is to weigh out your required dosage of bicalutamide and add it to a capsule. You can take some time once a month to cap up a month's supply to prevent needing to grab your scale every day. Due to the longer half-life of the drug, you may also prefer to add a double dosage to each capsule, meaning you will need to cap up only half as much. It's important that you keep track of which days you need to administer the drug as it can become difficult for some to remember which days you've taken it if you aren't making a habit of taking it daily.

Some users prefer tossing the powder on top of a small amount of yogurt and eating it. Others have reported success with weighing out the dose required and mixing it in a shot glass with water or milk. However, some of the medication may be left behind on the walls of the glass, in which case you may fill the glass up with more liquid and take another shot until none remains.

Volumetric Dosing Solution

This guide details how to suspend powdered bulk bicalutamide in a liquid solution for easy and convenient dosing. We recommend suspending the raw powder in vegetable glycerin as it's cheap and easy to acquire. You may also use Everclear vodka 95% or propylene glycol. These are not recommended, however, as the vodka can burn your tongue and the propylene glycol mixture is bitter and unpleasant. Each method has been found to produce inadequate results when it comes to dissolving the powder completely. After all, the solubility of bicalutamide is 5 mg per 1000 mL. This is why we recommend vegetable glycerin as it tastes better and allows the powder to stay suspended for longer amounts of time after mixing. Please only consider volumetric dosing as a last resort or if you really don't care about proper dosing, as this method is highly inefficient for achieving exact dosages on a consistent basis.

Bicalutamide suspended in propylene glycol.


  • 50 mL of your choice of vegetable glycerin, Everclear vodka 95%, or propylene glycol.
  • 1,250 mg of raw Bicalutamide powder

How to Make

Start by weighing out 50 mL of your suspension liquid and adding it to a sterile jar. Next, weigh out 1,250 mg of raw bicalutamide powder and add to the jar. Use a stirring rod to mix or close the lid on the jar tightly and shake for a few minutes. It may take a while for the solution to mix fully and chunks of bicalutamide may form. Do your best to crush them during the mixing process.

This recipe makes 50 mg of bicalutamide per 2 mL of solution. Use an oral syringe to achieve the proper dose. Shake the solution vigorously or use a stirring rod, such as your oral syringe, to mix it before drawing it into the syringe. We recommend using a chaser of some kind following the administration, as the propylene glycol mixture will taste unpleasant and the vodka mixture may burn your tongue. Vegetable glycerin seems to mitigate these problems, which is why we recommended this for volumetric dosing as opposed to the other two.

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