DIY Rectal Progesterone

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This DIY guide is a work in progress. So for the time being, we highly recommend you do not follow these instructions under any circumstances.

This guide details ways in which you can create your own rectal progesterone from raw micronized progesterone powder. See this article for more information on where to acquire micronized progesterone powder.

Cocoa Butter Suppositories

This guide details how to create DIY progesterone suppositories from powdered progesterone using cocoa butter as a carrier.

See this article for information on where to acquire powdered progesterone.


  • A suppository mold tray. You can find these on Amazon. We have personally used this mold in the shape of a bullet. It gives you plenty of space to put the powder in to mix with cocoa butter.
  • Raw Unrefined Cocoa Butter.
  • A pipette or syringe for transferring the melted cocoa butter.
  • A toothpick or small utensil for mixing the powder together with the cocoa butter.
  • Raw powdered progesterone.

How to make

There are more efficient ways to expedite this process, but the process depends on which mold you are using and can vary depending on this variable. The easiest way we have found to create these suppositories is this:

  1. Start by weighing out 200 mg of raw progesterone powder on a scale. Transfer the powder into the suppository mold the best that you can.
  2. Melt your raw unrefined cocoa butter in a pot.
  3. Using a pipette or syringe, transfer the melted cocoa butter from the pot into the suppository mold.
  4. Use your mixing utensil or toothpick to mix together the cocoa butter and progesterone powder. It may not mix completely into the cocoa butter but this is fine, as long as you can get as much powder suspended into the cocoa butter as possible to avoid having the powder stick to the bottom of the mold.
  5. Put your finished mold into the refrigerator. They should harden and be ready within an hour.

DIY Rectal Progesterone Solution

This guide details how to suspend powdered bulk progesterone in a liquid solution for easy and convenient dosing. We recommend suspending the raw powder in oil as it's cheap and easy to acquire. Oils you may use are castor oil, olive oil, omega-3 Cod liver oil, or canola oil. None of these oils seems to work any better than another and is completely up to your personal preference or availability. Most progesterone oil IM injections have about 50 ml/50 mg of progesterone, so we'll be copying that to ensure proper solubility.

See this article for information on where to acquire powdered progesterone.


  • 50 mL of your choice of suspension fluid.
  • 2.5 grams (2,500 mg) of raw progesterone powder.

How to Make

  1. Start by weighing out 50 mL of your fluid of choice and adding it to a sterile jar.
  2. Weigh out 2.5 grams (2,500 mg) of raw progesterone powder and add it to the jar.
  3. Use a stirring rod to mix or close the lid on the jar tightly and shake for a few minutes. It may take a while for the solution to mix fully.

This recipe makes 200 mg of progesterone per 4 mL of solution. Use a new, sterile oral syringe each time to achieve the proper dose. We recommend you lay on a flat surface, aiming your butt upwards to prevent any of the solution from falling out upon removal of the syringe. Use a water-based lubricant on the syringe and insert it into your rectum, pushing the solution out of the syringe. Remove the syringe and tighten your rectum muscles, being careful not to act upon the urge to release it. The urges should lessen within 10-30 minutes.

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