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This page contains an informal list of the projects and articles within this wiki that still need to be worked on and we eventually plan to complete before the site's launch...

General Notes

  • Proofread all articles that are linked to from template:Rough draft, template:Unfinished and template:Stub.
  • Finish adding external links and references on DIY Extra Strength Progesterone Cream page.
  • When we finish the Megalist of Hormone Resources, add hyperlinks in compound medicine tutorials to respective pharmas.
  • Follow the updated guide and add a picture to the DIY Rectal Progesterone Solution article.
  • Create articles for transgender surgeries. Gather before and after pics to demonstrate what each surgery looks like.
  • Fix the main page and formatting of the right box. Particularly medications section.
  • Design a staff member page that allows brief descriptions, pictures.