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This is not medical advice and you must do your own research yourself. Please consult a doctor before utilizing any of the content on this wiki. We do not accept responsibility for any negative consequences that occur as a result of the information on this website.

Welcome to the
DIY Trans Wiki!

A resource for increasing the accessibility of Hormone Replacement Therapy and helping to ease dysphoria...


DIY Trans Wiki, otherwise known as the DIY HRT Wiki, is an in-progress informational resource dedicated to the goal of making Hormone Replacement Therapy and other transition-related goals more attainable and understandable to the transgender community, particularly for those who have been failed by the healthcare system within their local area.

Our primary goals include:

  • Providing transgender individuals with the resources they need to independently make informed decisions regarding their own transition.
  • Increasing the public's general understanding of how medical transition works.
  • Decreasing the suffering and dysphoria of transgender individuals in a concise and helpful way.
  • Helping transgender individuals visibly pass as the gender they internally identify as.
  • Compile helpful information from various resources into one complete and concise website to promote knowledge of and harm reduction for hormone replacement therapy and it's administration methods.